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Realtor Book is the best real estate software, you can speed up your routine work and easily stay in touch with your prospective clients so that you never miss the opportunity.

Why Commercial Real Estate CRM Software?

  • Increase Productivity.
  • Simple Accounting.
  • No.1 Commercial Real Estate CRM
  • Complete Automation of your Real Estate company process
  • No HUGE investment
  • Pay Monthly!!! As you grow!!
  • One-stop solution for Real estate Agents.
  • Easy tracking of deals.
  • Easy to manage marketing campaigns
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What all you get in the best CRM for Real Estate Agents?

Site Visit Management

Customer is always keen to understand the lifestyle that he is being offered. Best real estate CRM software provides you with 360⁰ view of the completed project and help the customer to get access to an easy-to-set-up, customizable VR technology.

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Agreement Management

The Real Estate property management software provides the property management agreement template which lets you customize, reuse, automate your agreement creation and help save time and unnecessary workload.

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Property Management and Handover

Top property management software maintains tenants’ database and update Liaise with tenants, landlords and contractors to ensure quotes are received for maintenance work. It can carry out routine property visits and paperwork along with the asset management software real estate.

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Lead Management Software

Leads are valuable assets for the business as it has a high chance of turning into paying customer in the future.  Real estate CRM system helps your company to generate qualified leads from all the lead sources in a single place and also guide you to take right action for conversion.

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Marketing with Commercial Real Estate CRM

Top property management software provides you with different marketing tools. So that you can personalize the marketing campaign of your choice such as email, SMS text, newsletter according to your business choice.

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Reports are the best way to measure the business. Real estate CRM system is designed to create reports using summary, tabular, or matrix view, etc so that you can easily compare the data related to your sales, marketing, team performance and more.

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Auditing with Property Management CRM

Best real estate CRM system is designed with a strong auditing system as it records and keeps track of all the documents pf all the transactions happened in companies. This helps to reduce the risk of fraud.

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Transaction Management

Real estate brokerage accounting software can manage, maintain and coordinate all the transactions by creating a workflow which can handle the lease, rents and the property deals quite easily. This is an important and powerful feature for Real estate Business.

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Accounting is an essential part of a successful real estate business. Realtor software provides a perfect accounting tool for your business by automating all the accounting processes which helps in reducing error and save time.

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Integration with Top Real Estate CRM

Top property management software manages one of the largest potential integration networks in the world of real estate. Realtor Book third-party integrations give you the freedom to customize and configure your platform to suit your business.

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Manage your Time via Top Real Estate CRM

Real estate agents and brokers need to use time effectively to succeed financially. Real estate software solutions helps in avoiding duplication of work and easing the monotonous hectic manual paperwork.

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Agent Management

Maximize the value and income of an investment property with the best CRM for real estate agents 2021. Property Management Agent software is responsible for tasks like generating financial reports, extended rental and lease services, and property market analysis

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Contact Management

Contacts are all the very important and easy-to-use real estate contact management software that helps Realtors stay organized and build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects and important referral sources.

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Mobile Access

The access to Mobile devices allow potential property buyers  to property images and details without even having to talk to a real estate agent. Real Estate development software can help with any needed information online.

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Customized property management CRM provides a reporting dashboards which is a single platform for all the activities. The best real estate software will not only improve your operations, but also focus on making you a unique commercial real estate professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate CRM software is a customer relationship management software that provides helps specifically in the Real estate industry by customizing CRM to their needs. It is a property management software that is designed to allow you to manage your business like managing site visits, automate follow up, getting booking, etc. You can manage all this from one single place because all your data is stored in a cloud.

What is the importance of Real Estate CRM Software?

Customers are key to success for every business in this world. It’s very challenging to target the right customers and to stay on top of their needs. Real Estate software CRM helps to acquire new customers.

Importance of Real estate CRM system.

  • It is important for your business to create leads and follow up while your company is communicating with your protest clients. You have captured all the leads and should not miss any of it, which can be very complex process. But with Realtor Software you can sorts leads automatically and easy follow up as all the information is present in one single place.
  • Real Estate back-office helps you to collect information about your clients by monitoring their online activities, seeing history login details, and property visited by them. So that your company can provide better service to your clients according to their needs.
  • All the leads can be managed in one place with property management CRM. Making it easy for you to perceive the information to the fullest.

What are the best features of Real Estate CRM Software?

The features of the best real estate development software are as below:

  • Cloud storage
  • Automated notification
  • Leads tracking
  • E-signature
  • Mobile CRM
  • Better Management

What are the benefits of using Real Estate CRM Software?

Here are some of the benefits of using MLS software real estate:

  1. With the right Real Estate CRM System following up with leads becomes faster. Realtor software assigns the leads to your employee as soon as they are generated. So you don’t miss any opportunity.
  2. You can prioritize your potential clients and reach them first by using the lead scoring feature provided by top property management software.
  3. Real estate software allows agents to upload contacts and manage transactions deadline online.
  4. E-signature allows you to collect signature and approval on a document at a time which out having to print out.

Can Real Estate CRM Software help in contact management?

Yes, Realtor software helps in contact management.

Forming and upholding customer relations is an important function of Real estate management software. It helps your company to organize your customer relations area such as appointment, marketing campaign, etc to build strong and positive relationships with clients.


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Accelerate your Business to the Next Level with the Best Real Estate CRM Software

The World is going digital every second with plentiful opportunities. This transformation is the hottest area of interest in almost every business sector. The huge user base of the digital platforms, all enterprises, big or small are continuously investing in new age digital technologies. The digital tools are designed to help them serve their customers better and survive the growing tough market competition.

Document Management in Real Estate Software

The real estate business is filled with infinite paperwork, inaccuracies and standards that are dynamic in nature. If u have a purpose-built real estate software solution to manage and maintain the business with track site selection, capital projects & programs, etc., this will surely help to grow your business to the next level. Real Estate property management software helps you accelerate the business processes and achieve your success in it.

GO Digital with Real Estate Software

Going digital or technology friendly is not easy, especially when you do not have a sizeable technology team in the house who is well versed and equipped in all these innovations. But guess what, this is where the best real estate CRM software can prove to be the decisive factor in on-boarding the best technology innovations in your real estate business.

Brokerage Management Real Estate Software

The realtor software have reshaped both the customer and property landscape along the years. When the customers implement our real estate brokerage accounting software to help manage their real estate, we work right alongside them to achieve a successful implementation without disrupting their business processes, as they reach on-time compliance and lessen their paperwork burdens.

AR/VR Demo in Real Estate Software

It will be pragmatically impossible to bring customers physically to all the places due to cost and travel-related concerns. This is exactly where real estate CRM systems provide the technology such as AR and VR which can really make a huge difference. Property managers can rightly facilitate an AR/VR demo for buyers to make faster and better decisions from anywhere with hardware devices, making AR/VR capabilities, inexpensive and accessible to all.

Property Pricing Management Real Estate Software

There are numerous factors influencing property or land prices and very often owners and property managers making it hard to offer competitive or profitable pricing to prospective buyers. Fortunately, real estate brokerage management helps to utilize the power of big data analytics to get the most preferential pricing schemes that can bolster both interests of buyers and maintain a healthy profit margin for sellers or property owners.

Real Estate Software for Marketing

Real estate marketing software ensures that the properties are marketed in the accurate digital channel and reach the ideal audience within such channels. There are tons of social media advertising platforms that can help you filter your target audience to the finest level. The AI-powered tools is not just limited to ad filtering for the real estate sector. But also are intelligent chat-bot applications available today for deployment in your website.

Property Leasing in the Real Estate Software

The block chain is the key ingredient of Autonomous property management that can help decentralize and transform real estate management and property leasing considerably. Property lease management software helps you deal with the owner or landlord to easily rent out or sell portions of their property with agreed terms and conditions recorded on smart contracts.

Tenant Management in Real Estate Software

The Autonomous IoT integrated property management CRM solutions can easily facilitate multiple tenants to collaborate in a single workspace saving the hassle of worrying about unwanted costs and the owners can have peace of mind without having to deal with manual supply and maintenance of essential support services.

Automate your business with Real Estate CRM Software

Automation in real estate software helps you to take business operations and marketing to a higher level. Automation helps you to reduce manual work and let your CRM software tool to do more of the work.

 Here are the ways you can automate your business with free rental management software.

Marketing Automation in the Real Estate Software

Real estate and lead generation allow you to link your landing page and website to your Real estate Agent CRM software so that it can automate the marketing campaigns with the leads that have been captured. It even allows you to monitor your lead’s behavior so that you know when the action is to be taken.

Automated business process in the Real Estate Software

You can create an automated task list with the best real estate CRM software so that you never miss the details about sales, marketing, and many more. Automated notification facilities when a lead shows interest in your business, this increases your chance to convert them into your client with the right offer.

 Automated Engagement in Real Estate Software

Real estate software tools help to keep your pipeline engaged and on track with automated SMS and email reminders to reduce the missed meeting, viewing, etc. You can create an automated email to reach out to the past client of your business in a specific interval eg. anniversary, birthday, etc for a personal touch.

Automated Management in the Real Estate Software

Best Real Estate CRM Software has calendar sync with its Realtor software so that you have clear visibility of your team management and can track their workflow easily.

It also provides reports of the team’s performance allowing you to identify the best who can benefit your business.

Main Advantage of Real Estate Software

The main advantage of implementing a property management software open source is automation to save time i.e. less human error. Let’s discuss a few basic benefits of implementing Realtor Software.

  1. Cost: Realtor Book is a  Real estate CRM software that is affordable and can save your time by automating the repetitive manual work.
  2. Accounting: All your accounting information and detail are kept in one place such as record expense, payer details when payment was received, etc all this can be represented in reports for easy analysis.
  3. Automated reminder: Allows you to set reminder months prior to the events.
  4. Backup and Recovery: With Real estate back office, you can store all your data online which is backed up safely for future access also.

With Real estate agent accounting, you not only make your life easier but it also makes your client easier by automation. Real estate contact management software keeps everything organized for easy access and eliminates the manual process by going digital so as to have more transparency.

Real Estate CRM Software and Its Benefits

Buying a house is a lifelong dream for most people. It’s one of the lifelong investment for any person, that’s why the relation between customers and developers has always been dependent on trust. Real Estate contact management software is designed to make the process smooth with minimizing the efforts of the property agent. The software is customized to find the perfect match for user’s property needs, allowing users to grow the business.

Real Estate Software for Effective Lead Management

Real estate CRM and lead generation software stores all details of the leads in a single and secure location. This enables you to respond to prospective customers within the SLA with accurate information. Also, the lightening Quick responses from business and brands is what most of the customers expect. Thus, it helps manage and organize all leads which are scattered across various platforms – real estate portals, social media, exhibitions, your website, etc.

Close the Deals in the Real Estate Software

Most real estate companies fail to reach out to the most proven source to grow their business, that’s the single database to track leads, store information, and ask customers for referrals. A Real estate database software doubles up as the perfect database for businesses. They store customer information and also track whether they’ve asked customers for referrals, thus taking positive steps to increase sales and shorten the sales cycle.

Safe and Secure Real Estate Software

Going online can result in leaking away vital information about a whole lot of important stuff. But if you have your data protected with multi-level data encryption, and safe against the failure of your single device with several storage units, this can ensure the security for you or your customers. Real Estate back office software can safeguard your information with the latest virus scans and intrusion detection systems and back up all your information every hour, day or week.

Real Estate Software to Assist in Financial Issues

Best CRM for commercial real estate can create advance payment, sales and invoices in multiple currencies, import your bank statements, and match all receipts and payments with the corresponding invoices. Also, allows to create different budget scenarios, to help you compare them against actual costs, profits, revenues. Real estate brokerage management comes up with Commission and payment tracking option which can calculate and keep track of agent commissions and other payments against prearranged schemes and agreed payment plans.

 Time Management in Real Estate Software

The various real estate software tools will help you to ease your business proceedings-

Like, Automatic reminders will inform you about the important tasks to help you stay on track.

Also, it can have an overview of all the assignments and events you or your colleagues have planned or completed.

Automated to-do lists for a day, week or month to monitor your progress.

Plus, it is possible to sync your day planner to your android phone because time is essential for each transaction.

Everything @ One Click in Real Estate Software

The automated real estate CRM systems make loads of customer information easily accessible. Real estate contact management software helps in building the relationship with the clients in an effective way thus, converting them for lifetime. A detailed client history and event management makes it further effective and reliable with the single platform at fray. So, one click and you arrive at the place with every information to deal with.

Smooth Payment Management in Real Estate Software

The top property management software enables the business to organize, maintain and manage payment schedules. The information related to the properties can be maintained and mapped. And the information regarding renewal of the lease, lease termination and related paperwork can be well maintained to facilitate growth. The important processes will never be missed out when you are using property lease management software.

Reports and analysis in the Real Estate Software

All the serious business operation needs to go through the work done in order to analyze what has worked well and what changes it needs. Real estate brokerage accounting software helps with the reports which show pending tasks and allow mapping properties to any open inquiry which is effective in order to achieve the target. The Reports feature also provides feedback on the adopted strategies which lets you know how effective the medium of advertisement or communication was.

AI-based Real Estate CRM Software

The artificial intelligence is the most elusive term these days for smart technologies that consciously perceive their environment and can learn from it to respond autonomously to signals and make decisions correctly. There are computer programs and data that are able to learn, understand, plan, think and self-correct the basic and advanced ideas to grow your business.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be categorized into following functional areas:

Automate Tedious Task in Real Estate Software

Automated intelligence helps to automate the manual, cognitive and routine tasks of the real estate CRM systems. It helps to ease the daily business processes of the Real Estate brokerage management and help you seize the customers. The automatic application also helps to manage time and adequately engage the team into the creative stuff.

Fast Task Completion in Real Estate Software

Supporting intelligence is defined as an instrument to help people to accomplish tasks faster and better. These work as an extra hand at rent and lease management making things easier like avoiding duplicity of paperwork and also helps get on with the parallel work line. Property lease management software run into all sort of AI based technology to provide the track of Lease and List of potential leads.

Easy Decision Making with Real Estate Software

The AI is designed to enhance the process of decision making and analyse for the growth of the Business. Property management CRM needs aid in helping people to make better decisions about the property of their choice and its dynamic nature in terms of value and pricing through expanding intelligence.

AI in Real Estate Software

The automation of decision-making processes without human intervention helps in checking the MLS software real estate without any error. The independent working structure of autonomous intelligence helps the real estate company to get on with all the payment reminders, Lease up-gradations, Lead Management, etc. without having to worry about the process at all.

Best Real Estate Software for Realtors:

With Artificial Intelligence, Realtor Book is able to recognize the nature and content of documents which helps in optimizing a large number of information in a very short time. The contents are provided in clear reports and a highly flexible database which can be easily interpreted and analysed for future decisions. Real estate Software Company can extract tenant lists and management data directly from the documents.

The link of real estate CRM and website with other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) which is expected to bring enormous value-addition like the possibility of being able to tailor the planning of the building strategy in a goal-oriented and AI-supported manner thanks to the recording of building use.

In asset management software real estate, the possible use of artificial intelligence ranges from personalized customer contracts through contract management to intelligent building services management. In addition, property valuation, property management and facility management will increasingly change. Possible applications in these areas include simplified collaboration, peer-to-peer transactions, supply chain management and data management.

However, there are some significant obstacles about the data availability, standardization and usage due to inconsistent data models and legal requirements. As a foundation for effective and efficient AI use, there is a requirement of improved data transparency and standardization to the real estate industry. This in turn will help the Business reach to new heights.

Top 5 Real estate CRM  software implementation mistakes

Real Estate CRM system can help your business to stay ahead of your competitor in the market. Implementing Realtor Software provides a consistent and improved customer relationship by providing you with updated details for nurturing it for future referrals. Implementation of Real Estate management software can go wrong due to mistakes and can hinder the benefit of CRM software for your business.

Here we have mentioned a few common mistakes while implementing Realtor CRM.

Not getting the business problems right in Real Estate Software

It’s very important for your business to determine the problem before implementing the property management CRM to get the most benefit from it. Not identifying the problem can cause problems in success and also can utilize the full potential of the CRM.

Companies should invest time, resources, and sources to decide on the Realtor CRM they want by analyzing the problem they are facing. So you can successfully implement the Real Estate Agent Software.

Wrong-way to Implement the Real Estate Software

It’s important to take the right people on board, no matter how good the Real Estate back office is, if it is not placed in good hands, it won’t perform effectively and efficiently. You need to involve these right people in your decision making of implementing a Real estate CRM system so that they can have a detailed view of the feature in CRM as they will be the ones who will be operating it.

Budget for Real Estate Software

Budget is the most important aspect of any product implementation and business should not underscore them. Businesses try to cut down on the features of Real Estate Agent software in order to accommodate it to their budget which out realizing and analyzes the features they are down and its impact on CRM implementation results.

Not having a plan for Real Estate Software

Businesses should realize that implementation of Real Estate Agent accounting is a long term strategy. You need to analyze the detailed demand of Realtor software so it can be strategies appropriately for implementing top Real Estate CRM and be aligned with the company’s needs and requirements. If the planning is not done can cost a lot to the business.

Underestimating the need of Mobile Real Estate Software

Most Real Estate companies neglect the function of mobility in real estate CRM Software. As of now due to the rapidly changing digital environment, it has become very important features to have in real estate software for more interactive property management CRM . It also allows you to take advantage of the location information of the customer.

The above-discussed point the most common mistake a company makes while implementing Real property management software commercials.

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